Unless you have your own well, chances are your home is connected to the city water system. The water that flows through your home, fills your glasses, washes your clothes and cleans your body, comes from a central location that is managed by the city to ensure it is free from contamination and safe to drink and use.

The water system in your city is heavily regulated by the EPA and held to strict guidelines on what needs to be done to the water. But have you ever wondered what is added to the water to make it safe for consumption?


Shocking The Water System


One of the main additives to city water is Chlorine. Yes, the same thing that is added to pools to help keep it clean and safe for swimming. Adding this chemical to the water is an easy solution for ridding it of harmful bacteria.

Like when you test a pool for balance, ph and other things, your city water is tested to see what needs to be added or changed to ensure it’s quality. Sometimes that means the water needs to be shocked with a high (but safe) amount of chlorine to kill off bacteria and prevent its spread.

During the change of the seasons, is when you will most likely experience that municipalities are shocking water systems.



How Chlorine Affects Your Household


When the city shocks the water, you’ll get a warning about it and what you might experience from the change in the water.


Strong Odor

You know what chlorine smells like and it is not pleasant. Imagine that odor coming through your faucets. Smelling it while you shower, or wash dishes.



Have you ever accidentally swallowed pool water? Again, not a pleasant experience. While it may not be as strong as pool water, you can experience a change to the taste of your water.


Skin & Hair Issues

Because of the chemical makeup of chlorine it is extremely drying to the skin. As you wash with the shocked water, you might notice that your skin is dry and in need of moisture or irritation has occurred.

All of this is extremely inconvenient and can last several days until the water is balanced and the chlorine has fully integrated and dissolved. This can happen multiple times a year and you may even experience these issues even during the time when the water isn’t given added chlorine.


Solutions? Whole Home Water System


If you’re wondering what can be done to keep your water fresh, drinkable and free from harsh chemicals and minerals, a solution is waiting for you.

A Whole Home Water System turns tap water into exceptional high quality water. Our filters, refiners and softeners are designed to effectively aid in chlorine removal, eliminate mineral deposits and more which leaves you with great tasting, cleaner, healthier water.

You’ll find that you have less build up around your faucets and fixtures, the taste of the water has improved and you may even notice that your skin and hair look and feel healthier!


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