Don’t just settle for less than average water in your home, expect exceptional quality by installing a Whole Home Water System.

Does your home have hard water? It’s common. 85% of homes across America have hard water and hard water affects all areas of the home.

Are your faucets and fixtures always collecting grime and mineral deposits from the water quality that is North Texas City Water?

If you answered yes to those questions, it’s time to consider a whole home system that transforms the water quality in your household and produces the perfect water!

Treating your water has numerous benefits, but we are highlighting just a few to help you understand that it’s time to expect exceptional water quality instead of settling for ordinary.


whole home water system


Protection From Damage

Water stains, mineral deposits, build up around your faucets and fixtures and clogs in your drains and pipes are just a few things that city water affects your home.

No matter how much you clean, or unclog, it keeps coming back time after time.

By installing a whole home system you won’t need to be treating and cleaning the problems, you’ll be preventing them! Whole home systems protect your plumbing and fixtures!


Soft water eliminates the minerals and other deposits which will help keep your pipes clear, preventing clogging and pressure build up that can lead to leaks and even mold growth! You will also notice that the chalky build up around your ice machine and faucets are reduced or even gone completely!

Can you imagine the quality of your drinking water after treating your home? You’ll notice a big difference!


Better Quality Laundry

Did you know that untreated water can cause your clothes to wear faster and have a dingier looking appearance?

Like your fixtures and faucets, untreated water can damage your washing machine and clothes over time!

White clothes not as white as they used to be? It might not be your detergent! It could be your water!

The mineral deposits in the water make detergent less efficient when it comes to ridding your clothes of oil and residue build up, can turn your white clothes dishwater gray, and even make them feel scratchy and stiff!

Those are things we never want to experience, so stop washing money down the drain (literally)!


whole home water system


Enhanced Shower & Bath Experience

When you turn on your shower or bath, is there an odor? It’s the “typical” North Texas City Water smell that you’ve always been used to and have ultimately accepted as the norm.

Well, now you can say “Bye Bye” to that unusual odor with your new whole home system.

Not only will your system eliminate odors, it will also enhance your bath and shower routine by leaving your skin feeling luxurious and hair feeling soft and clean!

If hard water can affect your plumbing, pipes and faucets, think about how damaging it is to your hair and skin! That build up can clog pores, dry out and damage your hair, prevent hair growth, dry out your skin and much more!



Expect Exceptional Water Quality With A Whole Home System By EcoWater Texas!

Your home is your safe place, so why keep allowing hard water to damage your home, laundry, skin and hair?

Transform your water by treating it with a whole home system and give yourself peace of mind that you’re drinking, bathing and cleaning your home with the best water quality available!

To learn more or to schedule your free, in-home water check, contact our team today!