Hard water is an issue that 85% of households across the United States deal with on a daily basis. In Texas, especially around the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, we are faced with moderately to very hard water.


What Is Hard Water?

It’s water that contains high levels of minerals, primarily calcium and magnesium, among others. As these minerals dissolve into the water it makes it harder, compared to the water with little traces of these minerals.

Even though it is technically safe to drink, bathe and clean with, hard water can be damaging to your appliances, plumbing, laundry and even your skin and hair!

hard water


How Hard Water Causes Damage

If you’ve noticed scale build up on your faucets, stains in your sink or tub, chalky, white residue or water spots on your dishes and glassware, clothes that don’t look as bright or soft as they once were, or even dry, itchy skin or dull, flat hair, chances are you have hard water.

All of the above mentioned are issues caused by hard water. It’s hard to believe that mineral deposits in your water can wreak havoc on your home and body!

If you’re not sure if you have hard water, and know that you don’t already have a whole home water system that filters and softens the water, make a mental note to look out for the telltale signs.

When you can identify more than one of the issues mentioned above, it’s time to combat hard water and refresh your home, clothes and body with a whole home water system.


How To Combat Hard Water

Since your water most likely comes from the city, you don’t have any control over what comes through your plumbing. Or do you?

Combatting hard water means softening, refining and filtering the water that comes from the city before it flows into your home.

How do you do that? With a Whole Home System that our team at EcoWater Texas can install!

Our whole home system is designed to turn your tap water into exceptional water. You’ll be pleased with high quality water that will be flowing into your home, treating your laundry, filling your glasses and more!

You’ll also be protecting your fixtures minimizing or eliminating the film and spots on your appliances and dishwater.

hard water


Ready To Combat Hard Water? Contact EcoWater Texas Today!

If you’ve noticed that hard water has started to wreak havoc on your home and leaves an unpleasant film in your tubs, showers and sinks, or even leaves a lingering odor, it’s time to install a whole home water system!

Our team at EcoWater Texas can help you by providing the best system for your needs. We can also install Reverse Osmosis, microbiological filters on your faucets to give you the best and highest quality drinking water available!

If you live in the Northern Texas area around Dallas, or Fort Worth, contact us today!